About me

"HS Burney has a writing style that is captivating and easy to read."

"HS Burney writes beautifully and the narrative flows smoothly from page to page. Her prose is simple with just the perfect dose of literary embellishments and sensory details."

HS Burney writes fast-moving, action-packed mysteries set against the backdrop of majestic mountains and crystalline ocean in West Coast Canada. She loves creating characters that keep you on your toes.


A corporate leader by day and a novelist by night, HS Burney received her Bachelors’ in Creative Writing from Lafayette College. Shortly after graduation, HS set out on her journey building a banking career at a breakneck pace and writing took a backseat, several half-finished manuscripts sitting in a dusty drawer, long-forgotten. She found herself again when she rediscovered her passion for telling stories.

A proud Canadian immigrant, HS takes her readers into worlds populated by diverse characters with unique cultural backgrounds. When not writing, she is out hiking, waiting for the next story idea to strike, and pull her into a new world.

Besides mysteries, HS is a big fan of supernatural horror movies, chocolates, and coffee. She lives with her husband in a quiet residential neighborhood just outside Vancouver, where she can write to her heart’s content without being disturbed.

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